Well hello there!

So, I was perusing the internet the other night while sick in bed and  as I was looking for a vegan breakfast item I could conjure up for my boyfriend to bring to work, I came across the Vegan MoFo.

It’s a full month of blogging about ONLY vegan related-ness. Although I am not vegan, I do cook and bake according to vegan law on many occasions and more often than that, I seem to be erring on the side of vegetarian. There are the cliffs notes on that.

So, I decided to obliterate the few sad and neglected blogs I had going and start anew by signing up for this MoFo!



It’s kinda intimidating!

I mean…where do I start?!

The Month of Food starts October 1st…and the link is www.veganmofo.com.

I gotta say folks (there are people out there?!), I’ve never been much of a blogger and I’ve really only been learning to cook and bake with any real conviction for a few years now.

Can you handle more truth??

I ADORE photographing the portions of my life that make my heart swell and I super strive for my moments to have meaning. That means finding love in process and reveling in the interactions between people I love and ingredients as well.

Come back and see me if you want to.